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New Year, New me?

This week I've decided to step away from social media to start focusing more on making work. I decided I'll post here (maybe) daily as a living portfolio.

I read somewhere four years ago that keeping your own webpage instead of relying on an already existing social media platform is better for your art because it allows you control over how it's presented, and you have everything in one spot. Obviously the drawback is that your work won't be the first thing to pop up on someone's screen every day, but I think that's alright with me. I've beaten the algorithm and chosen peace over popularity.

This week I've worked on a few things: finishing my first knit sweater (second ever sweater), finishing a crochet hat for my brother, working on a diagram for the sweater pattern, and designing new business cards for the new year (the last of these being a practice I hope to continue for many many many years to come).

Here's some of that work, all of which I've done in the last few days:

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