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Over the weekend I lost my phone - and with it close to two years of photographs.

They weren't backed up in the cloud, or on my computer. Every memory, piece of art, and text message from the last few years vanished over night. The last two years have been the most creative and productive, challenging and stimulating, and overall busy years of my life (finishing up my Master's degree/senior year and this past year of change and growth).

I've been reeling from the loss, and trying to put into words the complicated feelings I have about attachment to digital media - do I want to use my phone less or more now? Should I take more pictures and save them, or change to taking spare photos only of important moments?

I'll have a full post on these thoughts later, but for now here are my 10 new rules for New Rules Every Monday;

1. Take one photo per event/place/thought. Treat each shot as though it were a film photograph that needed to be developed - don't take a million shots just because you can. Cherish the image.

2. Don't take a photo unless it's necessary. Think "will I really look at this later?"

3. Take more photos of inspiration (specifically for the arts) - use your photo library as a digital sketchbook for future ideas and projects.

4. Focus more on form and composition - really look at the full image not just the subject.

5. Think of each picture as a painting - is it balanced, is it attractive? Does it jump out at you in the hundreds of images on your phone?

6. Review old photos; they do no good unless they inspire you.

7. Ask why you are taking a photo? Train yourself to remember things like songs and data without lazily taking a picture.

8. Is there a narrative behind the photo?

9. See where your eyes invite you - is there movement?

10. Take pictures of beautiful bright funky inspiring things and enjoy every one of them.

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