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  • Katie Hughes


This week I’m focusing on productivity and getting past my artist’s block:

1. Set aside half an hour with a blank piece of paper and a black pen. See what comes. Jot down notes on what comes to your mind if art doesn’t.

2. When grocery shopping, pick a package that you’d like to redesign and go do it.

3. Pick words out of a hat and sketch the amalgamation of them (pink fiery skeleton?)

4. Sketch old photos of friends and dogs.

5. Clean out your art supplies.

6. Work in different environments - draw in a cafe and paint in a park.

7. Take a nap and draw your dreams.

8. Find 10 pieces of art or aesthetically pleasing things that you like and dissect why you like them.

9. When in doubt, go to an art museum.

10. Be patient. Some of the best pieces come out of nowhere and some take time. Inspiration is anywhere if you’re open!

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