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NREM #5: Something New

For New Rules Every Monday, I'm introducing something very new. It's called ZOOON.

I want to work on design projects that not only are inspiring and exciting for me to create, but also have a greater impact. Recently I've been looking to apply some of the things I learned while studying philosophy (specifically ethics) to the work I've been creating. I was recently afforded the opportunity to participate in an art project sponsored by the Sierra Club.

The prompt was a general call to artists to produce work supporting the Green New Deal, which included themes ranging from ending pollution to increasing usage of clean and renewable resources. Here's my contribution representing "economic justice."

Finding projects like these helps me learn new design skills while at the same time contributing to causes I care about. And working toward causes I care about led me to starting ZOOON. "What is ZOOON?" you might ask. I don't really know either as of yet. So far it's an instagram page and a domain name ( which is not yet up and running).

Ideally though, ZOOON will be a place and a community where I collaborate with other writers, artists, and designers to produce work involved with issues we care about. Whether it's helping a small sustainable business get up and running with branding and signage, or it's writing and sharing articles about local projects and larger overall movements, I hope whatever ZOOON becomes to be something generally positive and colorful. It's all I can really hope for as the culmination of four years of as-of-yet untapped philosophy studies and a deep love of good art and design.

As for my new rules this Monday: Take a Leap, Jump Forward, and Zooon In!

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